Where is Jack?

Making Air Travel Safe for Pets



Welcome, FoJs from Facebook and all others who happen upon this site!!

Obviously, this is just the beginning… but I have 3 goals in mind as I start this site:

  1. Make sure that all pets who must travel in cargo right now are secure.
  2. Change the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that determine how pets who are transported via cargo are treated by the airlines.  This involves working with the legislative process, the regulatory process, and the commercial airlines themselves.
  3. This is the BIG, right now seemingly impossible, DREAM: create a viable commercial airline where people and their pets of all sizes can fly together. ¬†Right now, this is an absolutely crazy thought, but maybe someday…
So we will start small – how to keep your pets safe if they do have to travel in cargo, and what changes to begin to create in the industry… I’ll be putting up more info on both of those topics in the next few days!!!
Thanks for being here… I know that we can make sure that what happened to Jack WILL NOT happen again!!!!