Where is Jack?

Making Air Travel Safe for Pets

Support the Cause!

The day Jack went missing, we asked “How did this happen?”

And every day since, we’ve said


Help us make sure that it doesn’t.

Support us in our mission to educate and catalyze change to insure no other animal ever suffers the way Jack did – all because of human incompetence and corporate negligence.

We’ve already…

started this website;
been in contact with sympathetic legislators on both the state and national level;
contacted Consumers Union (the strongest consumer advocate group in the U.S.) to ask them to rigorously test pet carriers; and
created and filed a comprehensive response to the Department of Transportation’s request for comments regarding how animals that have been lost, injured or killed while in the care of the airlines are counted.

And we have BIG PLANS for the next year…

attending several veterinary conferences to let vets and vet techs (who see animals before they travel to issue health certificates) know about our mission;
attending animal welfare organization conferences to spread our word;
getting posters and/or post cards into every U.S. vet office to let pet parents know the risks of air travel and what they can do to help their pet be safe;
continue working with legislators and other advocates to create laws and regulations that insure safe pet travel; and
respond as necessary if any animal is lost in an airport.

We are, as always, thankful for your love, your energy, your prayers. We hope you will consider becoming a MEMBER of Where Is Jack?, Inc.  We are a non-profit organization that is currently applying for the 501(c)(3) (tax exempt) designation.  Your membership dollars go to reimburse expenses and pay for printing and basic supplies.  Our organization is currently run on volunteer energy – at this time, we pay no salaries.  It’s a labor of love – just as it has been since the day Jack went missing!!

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Don’t like to put your money info out onto the web??

Feel free to send us a check with your name and address, email address, and shirt size (if applicable)…
Where Is Jack?, Inc.
c/o Mary Beth Melchior
1881 Washington Ave., Ste. 2E
Miami Beach, FL 33139

27 thoughts on “Support the Cause!

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  2. You are awesome to turn a tragedy into this great organized effort. Thanks to Jack things will change. Best of luck on your new venture =^..^=

  3. It is a pleasure to support Where is Jack,?.Inc. Animal welfare is a top priority in my lifeand there is never enough that can be done. Well done Mary Beth and thank you Jck for your remarkable legacy to all.

  4. I am one of the people who lost a cat, never to be recovered, on a United flight from Newark to O’Hare in Chicago. This was over 26 years ago when there was little out there about this. I would love to do whatever you wish from me to do to help. I have a lot of nonprofit experience including a masters degree. I live in St. Louis but I am able to travel if needed since I do not currently work and I am passionate about this cause. E-mail me if you think I can be of use. THANKS and best wishes on this worthy and critical endeavor!

  5. I can not think of a better way to remember the loss of our loved and lost Jack… Thank you for your time and effort to not allow another day to go by where everyone is not told about the need to have the correct safety in any transportation of our furr babies.

  6. Is that jack with the cone on? Was he finally found??? I’ve occasionally checked and never heard that you’d found him, so if you did and the story is posted somewhere, could you send me the link… I sure hope he was found and is okay… Best wishes…

    • Jack didn’t make it. What you don’t see in that picture is a large area of skin toward the rear of the cat’s body that needed to be grafted. But he was too weak and there wasn’t enough healthy skin to graft. It was just too much pain for our boy. And he had to be euthanized. He was undernourished even with the feeding tube, too weak and to fragile. Gone but not forgotten.

  7. What happened to Jack broke my heart. Having lost one to cancer, I know the pain of making that decision to let them go. It is the hardest thing you ever have to do. I do not ever want to see anyone suffer that. Thank you for fighting the fight. If we can save one, it’s worth it. Thank you.

  8. I followed every step of Jack’s journey; frightened and angry for why he went missing, awed and inspired by the number of people who showed up to help, then unbelievably elated when he was found – and absolutely devastated by his passing. You are honoring his spirit in such a beautiful way.

  9. This is a cause I feel strongly about. I miss you Jack and will love you forever. You will never be forgotten. I stand with you Mary Beth and Karen in this fight!!! Love and hugs

  10. I’m not really sure what the cause is entirely, as you stated to have pet carriers tested, but I heard that the airlines OPEN the carriers so shouldn’t the cause here be to change the law. Carriers should be locked where they cannot be opened once out of the owner’s sight!

    • The problem with that is…if there is a big layover the pet needs water at the very least. So if they can not open the crate how do they give water to the pet?

  11. I was happy to make a donation for such a great cause. I think about Jack every day. You are truly missed, Jack. What happened to you should never happen again. Love to you, Jack. And love and hugs to both Mary Beth and Karen.

  12. My hope is that your group brings about change so that no pet parent has to go through this again.

  13. Please keep up the good work. There is no good reason that Jack was not looked for by airport employees. Food and water should have been left out in humane traps and people should have been allowed to look for Jack. It didn’t have to happen the way it did. Please keep working to change the system!

  14. I happily support this cause…I do feel strongly about it and still cry and become very upset at what happened to dear sweet Jack. It cannot ever happen again. I miss you and love you Jack and will never forget you…I am with you Mary Beth and Karen…always.

  15. This cause is so very important! We need awareness raised to a high level, so that safety and comfort are ensured for all pets that must travel in cargo. Jack’s story absolutely broke my heart then, and it still does today. I just can’t imagine how desperate, scared, hungry, and lonely he was. Things have to change!!! I will be more than willing to volunteer to help you all in anyway possible.I want to help Jack’s message be heard, and see rules and regulations be changed within the airline industry. I work for an airline, and hopefully could help you somehow. Please know that my thoughts and prayers have been with you all.

  16. Stand with you 100% and will send in my donation as soon as my disability check comes in on the 9th. Love You Both, Mary Beh and Karen !!!

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  18. This is a wonderful cause. I will continue to support your work. You and Jack touched the hearts of so many.

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  20. Sorry it took me so long to do this. I started to do it and then I forgot. I suggest you put a reminder out again on your FB page. Thank you for doing this for all of the animals. Thought you would like to know that my daughter named my most recent adopted kitty, Jack. His memory lives on.

  21. Can I post your flight information on our website and social medias for our clients and staff? Did not want t o copyright infringe.

  22. I raised the importance of not treating pets as luggage in my latest column. Hope it helps! http://www.thenational.ae/opinion/comment/its-time-to-change-flight-procedures-for-precious-cargo

  23. I am in the beginning stages of creating Steampug Airlines– the first airline for pets and people to travel in the cabin together. The first round of money I am trying to raise via GoFundMe will involve building the special accommodations for the pets, and getting the FAA on board with mods.

    The two other times it has been attempted was still pets only; this aims to be different in that there will be two cabins (fur-st class and people class–all business class.) Pets will be allowed under seats, but will also have their own special cabin (multiple or large pets, pets traveling solo.)

    What happened to poor Jack should not have happened, Steampug Airlines believes pets are family, not cargo.

    My condolences to your pretty kitty.

  24. Hi, I’m sure you’ve been keeping up with the news. There have been so many beloved pets that have died due to negligence of airline corporations — whether at the airport or while en route. There is absolutely no excuse feasible excuse that these tragedies are happening, we need to get to the root of issue. There was one case that hit close to home, a cat got loose at BWI airport and was found under a conveyor belt the family was moving to Hawaii and I wanted to contact her and give her your website but I researched and researched and could not find any contact information. I created a new directory (turnthetidenow.net) and I’m proud to highlight your effort so that others know. I’ve been a long time supporter.

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