Where is Jack?

Making Air Travel Safe for Pets



Welcome, FoJs from Facebook and all others who happen upon this site!!

Obviously, this is just the beginning… but I have 3 goals in mind as I start this site:

  1. Make sure that all pets who must travel in cargo right now are secure.
  2. Change the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that determine how pets who are transported via cargo are treated by the airlines.  This involves working with the legislative process, the regulatory process, and the commercial airlines themselves.
  3. This is the BIG, right now seemingly impossible, DREAM: create a viable commercial airline where people and their pets of all sizes can fly together.  Right now, this is an absolutely crazy thought, but maybe someday…
So we will start small – how to keep your pets safe if they do have to travel in cargo, and what changes to begin to create in the industry… I’ll be putting up more info on both of those topics in the next few days!!!
Thanks for being here… I know that we can make sure that what happened to Jack WILL NOT happen again!!!!

21 thoughts on “Greetings…

  1. Starting small is perfect. From Jack’s terrible experience being lost and his subsequent medical issues, I learned more about pets flying on planes than I ever thought I’d need to know. Jack’s death will not be in vain, but it will be the rallying point for interested people to work together to educate and facilitate change within the airline industry. Thank you to all involved, whether from the beginning or moments ago. It is nice to see how so many people from all over the world can come together and work for change.

  2. Check, check, check.

    Per #2, I am reminded that Amy Goodman et al just won a significant judgement against the St. Paul police for their mistreatment of her and some of her crew during the 2008 Republican convention. Part of the settlement requires training of the police in the handling of protests and protesters.

    Part of the change of rules, etc, should be training standards for all personnel who have contact with animal passengers. The incident report AA released exposed many opportunities and the need for improvement. Like never ever ever stack crates. Like understand that a crated animal is under stress.

    There have been some great suggestions embedded in the comment threads on FB, but the platform is unwieldy. I’m really happy you’ve opened up here.

  3. I will follow this site thoroughly!

  4. Your first 2 goals are certainly ones I thought of…The third one is dreaming the impossible DREAM! But why not? Friends of Jack will be in the business of making lemonade out of lemons. Someone did suggest today on the Everyone page that maybe 26,000 of us could Chip-In and buy American Airlines! Let us go forth and share our respect for animals with everyone so that no other animal is ever hurt or lost in transport.

  5. this webpage is a beautiful start and tribute to Jack. Together, we can make a change in the way our pets are handled/transported by commerical airlines. so sorry about Jack and all that you and Karen have been through. It goes without saying that this was needless, senlessless and very negligent on the part of American Airlines.

  6. I am in all the way and will sign anything that will help all of our sweet animals!

  7. Mary Beth and Karen, the two of you are doing a fantastic job in keeping this issue alive. I have 4 cats and would be heartbroken if anything happen to them. The manner in which AA has handled this tragedy is horrible to say the least. I would like to contribute to your t-shirt fund but I would prefer not having a picture of sweet Jack in distress. He was so beautiful and the photo on the shirts are too disturbing for emotional whimps like me, sorry.
    If you could take a minute to let me know where I can send a contribution I would sincerely appreciate it. In the meantime, please know that each of Jack’s friends is thinking of you both and keeping you in our prayers. May you find comfort in your brave decision to bring Jack’s unneccessary suffering to a peaceful close. He was a very lucky boy to have such a loving family.

  8. Yes, we must make sure that what happened to sweet Jack NEVER happens to another family pet. We can do this together!

  9. Nicely worded post will probably be sharing this with my readers this evening

  10. Thank you for all that you’re doing! It might be just a “dream” now, but someday it could very well be reality! Pets and humans flying together. Yes, good goal. ~peace~

  11. Just read the 21 November issue of People Magazine. On page 98 under “Passages” there is mention of Jack!!!

  12. These are great goals! Please let me know how I can help.


  13. Jack has not suffered and died in vain – Friends of Jack will be the voice of the animals in his honor !

  14. A week he’s been gone – and still I cry for Karen’s pain. So much is needed to correct this situation, but, as the proverb says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” May we take that step – and many more – to ensure that Jack’s tragedy will not be repeated.

  15. Anything that can help raise awareness of the dangers of cherished pets travelling in cargo, is a good idea.

    RIP sweet Jack.

  16. Excellent Goals!!!! With determination, they will be met.

  17. you know i’m with you all the way and anything i can do to help an animal i will. we can all make changes if we work together as a team.

  18. This is so noble an effort; we can make others aware. I wore my shirt to school today and was asked about Jack’s story by all of my students. I encouraged them to embrace what they are passionate about and advocate on its behalf. Of the 85 young people witnessing animal rights advocacy, maybe a few might one day act. I have been asked to contribute to an interview of the event for the school paper. Jack has become a catalyst for the good of others. What a legacy.

  19. This was so wonderfully true! ..and so sad at the same time. Yes, we must start somewhere. Changing a corporate consciousness can be VERY difficult, but we must try!

  20. Mary Beth, how lucky Karen is to have you as friend; I”m envious of her in that regard, but so sad for the loss of Jack, as well as all you’ve all gone through to try to save that poor little guy.

  21. I’m curious what is happening with the various petitions (Jack’s Law, etc.)? I am worried that FoJs may lose momentum. Poor little guy.

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