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Making Air Travel Safe for Pets


We’re making progress…

We’ve created this website – providing constantly updated information about the dangers of pets traveling by air to both the public and the media.
We’ve been in contact with legislators and bureaucrats on both the state and national level, advocating for stricter standards and advising them that we are aware of unreported cases of animals being lost, injured and killed while in the custody of U.S. airlines.
contacted Consumers Union (the strongest consumer advocate group in the U.S.) to ask them to rigorously test pet carriers; and
created and filed a comprehensive response to the Department of Transportation’s request for comments regarding how animals that have been lost, injured or killed while in the care of the airlines are counted.
faxed out thousands of flyers to veterinary offices throughout the United States.
given interviews to media outlets around the country.

And we have BIG PLANS for the next year…

attending several veterinary conferences to let vets and vet techs (who see animals before they travel to issue health certificates) know about our mission;
attending animal welfare organization conferences to spread our word;
getting posters and/or post cards into every U.S. vet office to let pet parents know the risks of air travel and what they can do to help their pet be safe;
continue working with legislators and other advocates to create laws and regulations that insure safe pet travel; and
respond as necessary when any animal is lost in an airport.

3 thoughts on “Accomplishments!

  1. It would also be good to keep a report card of airlines, based on statistics and people’s comments. It would help people who are needing to fly with a pet make good,educated choices.

  2. The most important part of my comment was dropped. If you have a maximum word content would be helpful to know. In any case, I will add this if you could insert it in the middle and get rid of the last paragraph if necessary……… so, to continue….. I had a problem finding this type of ins. finally got it from the carrier itself at the check in counter. Insured them maxium amount possible. The check-in counter person put several “insured” stickers on each crate. The man came to roll their pallets away, but as he started off she VERY SURREPTITIOUSLY indicated the “insured” stickers, He VERY SURREPTITIOUSL nodded, (all of which I had the good luck to catch) and HE TURNED AROUND AND TOOK THEM OFF IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION ! What does that tell you? Insure the animal, it seems to make a difference. It is the airline who will lose money if anything happens. Not what they want at all.

  3. What a wonderful service. Thanks for making a difference!

    I fly/accompany pets onboard commercial airlines so they avoid the stress & risk of cargo/baggage. They just need to be the size permitted onboard so puppies,small breeds of dogs, cats, etc. An option for large pets is for me to drive. I combined my 2 passions, pets & flying & created my company, PetsJets about 2 1/2 years ago.

    I fly one rescue pet free quarterly in the US so if you hear of one that needs to be transported/escorted, let me know.



    Craig D. Anapol-Founder/President
    Angels Do Fly

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