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Pet Air Incident Reports Through July 2013

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Below you will find the latest update to our comprehensive Pet Air Incident Report.  The latest entries are at the bottom.  In July 2013,  the airlines reported 5 deaths and 1 injury, involving 4 dogs, 1 cat and 1 ferret.  If you have any questions – or if you know of an animal that was lost, injured or killed while in the care of the airlines – please don’t hesitate to message us or contact Where Is Jack? Inc. Founder/CEO Mary Beth Melchior directly at 305-582-5884.

Pet Incident INVENTORY May 2005_August 2013

One thought on “Pet Air Incident Reports Through July 2013

  1. Mary Beth, I haven’t your email address in this computer, and the other is in the “hospital”; I couldn’t find another way to get this to you, although you may have come across it on Facebook. I just found it today and thought of you right away. The link is https://www.facebook.com/michaelandfred?fref=ts; it takes you to the FB page of Michael Jarboe, whose dog died because United Airlines didn’t care about keeping their promises of “Pet Safe” flight. The dog evidently passed because, in extreme heat, he was NEVER put into any air-conditioned area; he was DOA. I still tear up whenever I see Jack’s photo. Thank you for caring so deeply.

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