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Pet Air Incidents Through June 2013

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As I reported two months ago, the DoT Air Incident Reports often fail to list one or more pet incidents that happened in any given month.  The case of Victor, Lacy Horner’s dog that was lost by Hawaiian Air (and recovered  – safely! – after a month), was finally added to the report during the next month.  This only happened because we sent information from Ms. Horner AND several news stories to our contact at the DoT.  Similarly another incident was also missing last month and was added to this latest report.

We wish the airlines would take their responsibilities more seriously and do the MINIMAL amount of reporting they have been mandated to do in a timely manner.

We also wish the government was willing to administer stringent penalties for failure to report.  Maybe the airlines would take this more seriously if there was a price to pay for failing to do so.

Our work goes on and on, unfortunately…

The latest version of Where Is Jack? Inc.’s complete inventory of Pet Air Incidents is available  at this link: petairincinvthru0613.xlsx

One thought on “Pet Air Incidents Through June 2013

  1. By the way, I think Jack has be reincarnated in the form of a feral stray in my back yard…looks SOOO much like him. I’ve been caring for him, feeding, watering etc. Don’t want to call Humane Society, they’ll just put him down.

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